STAYC attracted fans from all over the world from great performances to the spread of Korean culture at ‘KCON 2022 SAUDI ARABIA’.

2022 10 02

STAYC had a special time with fans. 

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) performed at the ‘KCON 2022 SAUDI ARABIA’ held at Boulevard Riyadh City, the largest entertainment complex in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, on the 1st (local time).

STAYC opened the door of the concert with ‘ASAP’ that was loved by global fans. They performed ‘RUN2U’ and ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’ in a row, and the audience enjoyed the performance by singing together. STAYC led the performance with an exciting performance and perfectly captured the hearts of global fans.

STAYC then introduced the cover performance of Super Junior’s ‘SORRY, SORRY’ with the ‘KCON 2022 Relay Performance Challenge’. 

STAYC’s cover performance made cheerful atmosphere in concert hall with great response and attention from the audience.

STAYC communicated closely with fans by participating in ‘Let’s Klass’, an event to learn Korean culture with artists, including ‘MEET & GREET’, as well as the main performance of ‘KCON 2022 SAUDI ARABIA’.

In particular, in ‘Let’s Klass’, they taught the names of animals that resemble the members and greetings in Korean as Korean teachers. They also made precious memories with fans by playing Korean traditional games such as Ttagjichigi (a game of slap-match) and introducing snacks brought from Korea. Finally, the members spent a memorable time dancing happily with STAYC’s songs in the background and enjoying them with their fans.

STAYC said, “It was so meaningful time because this was our first time performing in Saudi Arabia, and we were so happy to enjoy and share the energetic energy with you. See you next time!” they said, expressing their feelings about ‘KCON 2022 SAUDI ARABIA’.

As such, STAYC has successfully finished their performance in Saudi Arabia following the ‘KCON 2022 LA’ and the ‘KCON 2022 US Tour’ held in six U.S. cities, showing their presence as a ‘4th generation representative of K- POP group’ to global K-POP fans.

STAYC plans to meet global fans with various stages and contents.

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