STAYC, 4th generation’s representative ‘TEENFRESH’! New single album ‘Teddy Bear’ is releasing today (14th)

2023 02 14

Group STAYC is finally making their comeback to the field.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) will release their 4th single album ‘Teddy Bear’ through various online music platforms at 6 pm on the 14th.

‘Teddy Bear’ is an album that captures their own ‘TEENFRESH’ color to extreme. High up Entertainment’s representative producer, Black Eyed Pilseung, hit maker Jeon Goon, and top writers such as FLYT once again gathered to accomplish STAYC’s own unique genre and color.

The title song, which is same as an album title, ‘Teddy Bear’, is a pop punk genre song filled with STAYC’s unique fresh energy and a positive message that gives hope and comfort just like a teddy bear which stood by people’s side when they were young and became their own hero.

In addition, the Korean version of ‘Poppy’, which was pre-released on the 3rd, will be included. ‘Poppy’ was STAYC’s debut song in Japan released last year and led to a great global success. The song contains an addictive challenge, and refreshing charms and it has been receiving great comments even after the Korean version has been released.

STAYC is expected to show upgraded musical growth once again based on their unique ‘TEENFRESH’ color. In the recently released music video teaser for “Teddy Bear”, the melody that gives a glimpse of STAYC’s unique color and the witty point choreography reminiscent of a teddy bear were partially revealed and it’s drawing keen attention.

The appearances of each member with their individual unique color that has been enhanced over time also attracts great attention. STAYC proved their presence of all members being the ‘center visuals’ with their outstanding looks that goes beyond lovely and kitschy charms. In particular, the youngest member J tried a long hairstyle for the first time since her debut, and Sumin also came back with pink hair that matches the song concept, upsurging the curiosity about the visual transformation that STAYC will show.

STAYC’s 4th single album ‘Teddy Bear’ will be released on the 14th before 6pm on the online music platform. STAYC will hold a fan showcase at 8pm on the same day and will be having a special time with fans.

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