STAYC, Malaysia fan meeting “Hello STAYC” completed before comeback on the 14th…Honest Talk → “Attacking the hearts of fans” even on fancy stages.

2023 02 06

The group STAYC successfully completed its first Malaysian fan meeting.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J) held “STAYC 1st Fan Meeting in Malaysia [Hello STAYC]” at “Zepp Kuala Lumpur” in Malaysia on the 4th and met local fans.

On this day, STAYC greeted fans for the first time after performing on the opening stage with “SO BAD” and “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER.” then presented a series of various stages such as “RUN2U,” “SO WHAT” and “I’ll BE THERE” to induce an enthusiastic response from fans.

Additionally, STAYC communicated with local fans with abundant corners along with updates. STAYC spent an unforgettable time with fans, including the Post-it Q&A “Hello STAYC Answer STAYC” corner, which answers questions asked by fans directly, and the “STAYC vs STAYC” corner, which divided the members into two teams and played random ball bouncing games and cup bingo games.

In particular, STAYC expressed their sincere feelings toward local fans by singing local songs with local fans. STAYC made meaningful memories by taking group photos with fans and hosting the “PoppyChallenge.” Fans also impressed STAYC by presenting their own videos for STAYC, who revealed their extraordinary love for fans.

STAYC said, “I’m really excited and happy to meet Malaysian fans like this. Thank you so much for welcoming us. I was happy to meet Malaysian fans up close and spend this time together. “We’ll be a growing STAYC from now on,” they said, wrapping up the fan meeting by presenting “ASAP” as an encore song.

Meanwhile, STAYC is heating up comeback by releasing various teasing content ahead of the release of its fourth single album “Teddy Bear” on the 14th.

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