STAYC, 340,000 initial sales → Walking on roses by career high with being No.1 on ‘THE SHOW’… proving the leading idol of ‘4th generation representative’

2023 02 21

The TEENFRESH charm of the group STAYC provided energy of hope and positivity.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) appeared on SBS MTV ‘THE SHOW,’ which aired on the 21st and performed the Korean version of ‘Poppy’ and ‘Teddy Bear,’ which has the same name as their fourth single album ‘Teddy Bear.’

At the end of the day, STAYC proved their global popularity by being at the top of the list at the same time.  STAYC, who won 1st place with an overwhelming performance, said “first of all, thanks to SWEET, because of them we could’ve won 1st place. We hope we all stay healthy and please look forward to the rest of the promotions.” They then put stickers on their faces and waved balloons to create a cute encore stage.

Prior to the comeback stage of ‘Teddy Bear,’ the side track ‘Poppy’ stage stood out with its kitsch charm. STAYC transformed into cute and refreshing poppies with the point choreography that is causing a challenge while being highly addictive, adding immersion with lovely appearances and facial expressions.

Furthermore, the stage of ‘Teddy Bear’ showed STAYC’s unique TEENFRESH energy. From the appearance of their ‘all members center visuals’ to the styling that utilizes each member’s charm and individuality, it caught the eyes very well. STAYC, who turned into the ‘TEENFRESH Heroes’ that give hope and positivity, drew attention with their cute and strong addictive point choreography ‘teddy bear dance,’ which embodies ‘a teddy bear’, which always stands by people’s sides.

STAYC’s new song ‘Teddy Bear,’ released on the 16th, is a pop punk genre full of STAYC’s lovely energy. Following their entry into Melon TOP 100 at the same time of its release, it has been receiving hot responses even now by being at top of Melon’s latest chart (within a week), and has been selected as the cover of ‘K-Pop ON!’ among the representative playlists of Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming site. The music video proved their global popularity by surpassing 30 million views at a high speed.

In particular, ‘Teddy Bear’ recorded more than 341,047 initial sales (February 1th to February 20th based), far exceeding the previous record and setting a new record of STAYC’s own.

Meanwhile, STAYC continues their ‘Teddy Bear’ promotions by presenting various music broadcasts and various web contents.

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