STAYC, “we want to be imprinted as bright artists just like now… hope the public feels happy when they see STAYC”

2023 04 27

The group STAYC proved its presence by decorating its first fashion magazine cover.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J) recently conducted a photo shoot and interview for the May issue of THE STAR.

In the released pictorial, STAYC transformed into spring fairies and expressed STAYC’s own lovely and dreamy mood. In particular, they led the atmosphere by revealing various charms with their unique TEENFRESH energy.

STAYC recorded a career high with their fourth single album, ‘Teddy Bear,’ released on February 14th. In a subsequent interview, when asked who is the person who protects self-esteem like ‘Teddy Bear,’ ISA said, “our self-esteem protector is SWITH(official fandom name). I’m so happy to be working with many teddy bears,” thanked her fans.

Earlier, STAYC announced that the members decided to take turns as leaders. Following Sumin, Sieun and Seeun will lead the upcoming album promotions. In response, Sieun said, “there’s no significant change from before. We decided to take turns as a leader in the sense that we all value teamwork without much burden. We’re enjoying our activities.” Seeun then said, “I personally feel a little burdened to be the leader. I think I need to be more mature than before,” revealing her honest thoughts. 

When asked about the moment when it became a turning point for STAYC, who have been in their 4th year of debut, Sumin and Seeun picked ‘Teddy Bear,’ J and ISA picked ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER,’ and Sieun picked a fan meeting. On the other hand, Yoon said, “I don’t know when was the turning point yet. I’m the type to do something progressively without doing it at once.”

Finally, regarding what they want to look like in the future, ISA said, “I just want us to be imprinted as bright artists just like now. I hope the public will see us and feel happy.” Sieun said, “I want us to be precious beings who always be considered as friends and family at times,” revealing STAYC’s wishes as artists.

Meanwhile, more pictorials and interviews of STAYC can be found in the MAY issue of THE STAR and its website, and STAYC will hold a 2023 solo fan meeting ‘SWITH Gelato Factory’ at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul from May 19th to 21st.

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