STAYC, winning 6 awards on music shows + chart + challenge! ‘Teddy Bear’ proved the only one power of ‘TEENFRESH’

2023 03 11

The group STAYC has successfully completed their promotions.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J) successfully completed their promotions of the fourth single album ‘Teddy Bear’ after MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ aired on the 11th.

STAYC placed 1st at the ‘Show! Music Core’ on the same day, proving a solid rise even though it was the last broadcast of their promotions. Upon their comeback, STAYC won 6 awards, placed 1st at the ‘Show! Music Core’ following SBS MTV ‘THE SHOW,’ MBC ‘Show Champion,’ KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo.’

‘Teddy Bear’ is an album that captures the extreme TEENFRESH charm, and STAYC captivated global fans with an energetic and lovely appearance by giving a message of positivity and hope through the title song ‘Teddy Bear’, the same as their album name. 

Above all, STAYC’s performance that filled the atmosphere was very popular. STAYC dominated the stage with bouncy looks and cheerful mood. In particular, the point choreography ‘bear dance,’ which intuitively expresses the title of the song, caused addiction, leading to various challenge craze, and is at the center of the trend.

STAYC has also proven their hot presence through indicators. Immediately after its release, ‘Teddy Bear’ quickly entered Melon TOP100, Korea’s leading music site, and rose to third place with a steady rise. This was the highest ranking recorded by STAYC since their debut, leaving significant results. ‘Teddy Bear’ is also ranked at the top of other major music charts, continuing its long run.

In addition, STAYC achieved career high with its highest number by selling more than 341,047 albums. The ‘Teddy Bear’ music video, where people can feel STAYC’s unique TEENFRESH power, achieved 10 million views in a day of release and surpassed more than 40 million views amid steady love from global fans.

Through ‘Teddy Bear,’ STAYC showed their unique identity and solid musical color of TEENFRESH, and proved their ability to upgrade to main vocal-like singing and eye-catching performances. Expectations are focused on what STAYC, which has once again established themselves as ‘the 4th generation representative group’ proving their unlimited growth potential, will look like in the future.

Meanwhile, STAYC will release their second single album ‘Teddy Bear’ in Japan on April 5th and hold a comeback showcase <STAYC Japan 2nd Showcase 2023 ‘Teddy Bear’>.

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