STAYC Yoon appeared as a meat noodle in ‘King of Mask Singer’ and showed perfect high-pitched singing ability, saying, “I enjoyed it.”

2022 12 11

STAYC’s Yoon showed her singing skills in ‘King of Mask Singer’.

Yoon appeared as ‘Meat Noodles’ on MBC’s ‘Mystery Music Show Masked Singer’, which aired on the 11th, and competed for a solo song in the second round.

Yoon previously sang with ‘Pyongyang Cold Noodles’ Jung Soo-ra’s ‘Joy’ together in the first round to advance to the second round, and in the second round, he selected Davichi’s ‘8282’ to compete with ‘Good Night Kiss’. Yoon received favorable reviews for her beautiful high notes with a clear voice.

In particular, Yoo Young-seok said about Yoon, “She has a good sense. The rhythm was good and the high notes are very great. Her high-pitched ending processing remind me Kim Wan-sun in the heyday. She came with the name ‘like a boiled broth’, but her song was fresher than the salad.” he commented.

Yoon took off her mask and revealed her identity. She said, “I thought I wouldn’t be nervous because I wore a mask, but I was nervous because it was my first time singing alone. But I enjoyed it much.” she confessed.

Yoon also revealed a photo taken when she was 1 year old with her father, a soldier, and boasted that her father was a huge daughter fool. “My friends were scared to see my dad at first because he had a strong impression. But when they saw my dad calling me ‘Ddalanggu(daughter)’ and ‘Ddonggangie(little puppy)’, they said to me “You are the Daddy’s daughter”.’

Yoon is spending her last teenage years this year. The MC asked her what she wanted before the end of the year. “I want to take a picture with my friends in my school uniform. And I really don’t like exercising, but I hope STAYC’s Yoon, who works out hard before becoming an adult and becomes in 20s, will look cooler and better.” she said.

Meanwhile, STAYC recently promoted in Japan with their Japanese debut single ‘POPPY’. On the 3rd, ‘STAYC 1st Fan Meeting in Manila [Hello STAYC]’ was held at the EVM Convention Center in Manila, Philippines, and on the 10th, their fan meeting was held in Taipei, Taiwan and met with fans.

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