STAYC, hope worked out for six heroes! 340,000 initial copies of ‘Teddy Bear’ → No.1 in the Hanteo Chart weekly world album

2023 02 21

The group STAYC shared achieved a career high a week after their comeback.

According to Hanteo Chart, the nation’s largest record aggregation website, on the 21st, STAYC’s fourth single album ‘Teddy Bear,’ released on the 16th, recorded more than 341,047 initial sales (February 14th to February 20th).

This is well above the initial sales (201,072) of the third single album ‘WE NEED LOVE’ released in July last year and is STAYC’s own best record. STAYC, which has continued their remarkable growth by breaking the initial sales of the album, proved their solid presence through this record.

At the same time, STAYC ranked first on the third week of February world chart in the Hanteo Chart with a world index of 14,563.81 points. It also topped the music charts with 286,719 weekly album sales, reaching the top of the world charts and album charts at the same time as their comeback.

STAYC delivers a message of comfort and hope through ‘Teddy Bear,’ and STAYC is presenting another genre of music. The music video of the title song ‘Teddy Bear,’ which contains extreme TEENFRESHNESS, has surpassed 30 million views on YouTube at a high speed, and is steadily gaining popularity among global K-POP fans.

In addition, ‘Teddy Bear’ entered the Melon TOP 100 right after its release and topped the latest Melon Chart (within a week), leading to a hot response to this day. It is also showing strong global power by being selected as a cover of ‘K-Pop ON!’ among the representative playlists of Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming site.

‘Teddy Bear’ is a pop-punk genre song filled with STAYC’s lovely energy. STAYC, who has been loved for their unique and hooky performance in each activity, is giving a strong addiction with a point choreography reminiscent of a teddy bear.

Based on the unique team color of TEENFRESH, much attention is being paid to STAYC’s global move and career high, which is spreading kitsch and lovely energy.

Meanwhile, STAYC continues their ‘Teddy Bear’ activities by presenting various music broadcasts and various web contents.

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