STAY IN CHICAGO, the first photo book since STAYC’s debut, will be released on the 17th

2022 08 17

STAYC will release a photo book with sufficient collection value.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) announced the sales of their first photo book ‘STAY IN CHICAGO’ on their official SNS on the afternoon of the 16th. 

According to the notice, STAYC’s photo book is titled ‘STAYC THE FIRST PHOTOBOOK <STAY IN CHICAGO>’ and will start selling at WithMu Online Mall from 3 p.m. on the 17th. 

STAYC visited Chicago in May to attend the performance of ‘KCON 2022 Premier in Chicago’ and expressed their episodes and stories in the photo book. In Chicago, the six members’ charms were taken under a total of five themes, including ‘STAY IN CHIC’, ‘STAY IN COOL’, ‘STAY IN COMPETABLE’, ‘STAY IN CLASSIC’ and ‘STAY IN Celebration’, and a total of 200 pages of photo book will be filled with various photos.

In addition, it has increased the value of its collection with a comprehensive gift set such as postcards, photo cards, and making DVDs that contain fresh energy from STAYC. In particular, it is expected that fans will be satisfied as it is the first photo book to film their first overseas schedule since their debut.

In addition to the photo book package, it adds to the joy of the first photo book with various goods such as posters of each members, units, and all members together, and also including PVC card wallets, magnet sets, short-sleeved T-shirts, and diary decoration sets (a tin case, a masking tape, 6 stickers). It will also make unforgettable memories for fans with the WithMu pop-up store. 

STAYC has been loved by many modifiers such as ‘All-Member Center Position’ and ‘All-Member Main Vocal’ since their debut in 2020, and once again showed a strong presence with their strong musicality with their third single album ‘WE NEED LOVE’ released last month.

Meanwhile, STAYC will meet fans around the world on the stage of ‘KCON 2022 LA’ and ‘KCON 2022 US Tour’ from the 19th.

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