STAYC, being in 1st place once more at ‘Show Champion’ → 2 high speed awards, being impressed by “why SWEET exists”

2023 02 22

The group STAYC got 1st place at the ‘Show Champion’ upon their comeback.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) appeared on MBC M ‘Show Champion’(hereinafter referred to as ‘ShowChamp’) on the 22nd and performed ‘Teddy Bear,’ which has the same name as the album, and the Korean version of ‘Poppy.’

At the end of the broadcast on this day, STAYC won 1st place at a high speed right after the comeback and won two 1st places following ‘THE SHOW’ the day before. The members thanked the fans and said, “In fact, STAYC’s teddy bear is SWEET. Because of SWEET, we won 1st place, and thank you so much for always being by STAYC. We’ll continue to work hard, so let’s all do well in the rest of our promotions in the future.”

In the earlier interview, STAYC talked about various stories about the new song. When asked about the member who matches the title song, Yoon replied, “we’re in charge of various parts for this time, and I think we all suit for everything,” and J said, “I think Sumin with pink hair suits the best for this time.”

Then, when asked where the killing part was, Sieun and Sumin sang live and added cute choreography. In addition, regarding the teddy bear-like presence next to STAYC, ISA expressed her love for fans, saying, “the reason for STAYC’s existence is our SWEET,” and Seeun showed off her strong friendship, saying, “our members are reliable and comfortable when they are together.”

Since then, the stage of STAYC has continued. STAYC, who first gave a performance of the side track ‘Poppy,’ drew attention with their cute appearances and stylings. At the same time, STAYC’s rich facial expression was outstanding, adding cute charm with the addictive chorus and point choreography.

On the stage of the title song ‘Teddy Bear,’ STAYC’s intense energy shone even more. As it conveys the honest stories of teenagers under the concept of ‘TEENFRESH’(high teen + fresh), STAYC’s unique liveliness drew attention, and the cute ‘bear dance’ doubled their cuteness and delivered lovely energy.

STAYC’s new song ‘Teddy Bear,’ released on the 16th, is a pop punk genre full of STAYC’s lovely energy. At the same time as it was released, it drew hot responses, collecting the No.1 music broadcast trophy after their career high.

Meanwhile, STAYC will continue to be active by presenting various music broadcasts and various web contents.

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