STAYC’s the first fan meeting ‘STAY COOL PARTY’ was held successfully

2022 10 11

STAYC finished the first fan meeting since their debut.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) held their first fan meeting ‘STAY COOL PARTY’ at Sejong University’s Ocean Hall on the afternoon of the 9th and spent a special time with fans.

STAYC invited fans to ‘the party venue’ full of attractions. STAYC showed a lively greeting not only to the audience who visited the venue but also to the online after finishing their first performances with ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’ and ASAP’. On the stage with the concept of the party , STAYC’s bright and refreshing atmosphere heightened the joy of the audience.

STAYC then presented the song ‘LOVE’, which features each member’s attractive tone and delicate sensibility. STAYC added the introduction of ‘a song that feels the love of SWITH’ and the audience was deeply moved.

Many events with various charms and bright energy from STAYC also gave joy to the audience.  STAYC members led more intimate communication by hosting the show themselves. In addition, the concept was entertained with different atmosphere of stage backgrounds such as an ice flakes shop, Halloween day, and beach. In particular, in the ‘STAY COOL horror special’ section, six members drew ghosts in a row for the upcoming Halloween Day and fans guessed what ghost in the drawing. It became a fun memory with fans.

STAYC led the audience to sing along with various hit songs such as ‘I LIKE IT’, ‘RUN2U’, and ‘SO BAD’. The performance of various charms, both lovely and strong, was perfect, and also the performance was completed at a high level with excellent singing ability.

STAYC showed a video letter prepared for their fans and even performed an encore song ‘I’ll Be There’, leaving a deep impression. STAYC successfully finished the fan meeting and said, “It’s a great time when we felt the big love of SWITCH more than ever. We’re going to make more time with SWITH, so please continue to be with us. We will do our best with this heart.” they said.

STAYC has been loved for releasing hit song s in every album since their debut with the first single ‘Star To A Young Culture’ in 2020, including ‘SO BAD’, ‘ASAP’, ‘STEREOTYPE’, ‘RUN2U’, and ‘BEUTIFUL MONSTER’.

Recently, it achieved 100 million streams on Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming site, with their first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’. STAYC, which has been steadily popular, will continue to meet fans with various performances and contents.

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