STAYC’s first fan meeting in Taiwan, ‘Hello STAYC’, was successful with fans.

2022 12 12

STAYC held their first fan meeting in Taiwan and expressed their affection for global fans.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) held ‘STAYC 1st Fan Meeting in Taipei [Hello STAYC]’ at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) in Taiwan on the 10th and met local fans.

Starting with the performances of ‘SO BAD’ and ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’, STAYC performed various songs such as ‘RUN2U’, ‘SOW HAT’ and ‘I’ll BE THERE’, drawing enthusiastic responses from fans.

In particular, STAYC caught the eye by showing the performance of their recently released Japanese debut single ‘POPPY’. They talked about various things with fans, including their feelings about their first visit to Taiwan and many stories related to Taiwan.

In addition, STAYC had a good time with local fans, playing humorous speaking skills and various games. STAYC had fun by playing ‘Hello STAYC Answer STAYC’, which answers questions directly from fans, and ‘STAYC vs STAYC’ which is divided into two teams to compete.

STAYC made pleasant memories by singing local songs with local fans. Fans also prepared various events in response to STAYC’s love. Fans presented STAYC with a video event produced by themselves for STAYC, and gave unforgettable time by holding a birthday celebration event for member J, who was her birthday the day before the fan meeting.

STAYC said, “We’re really happy to meet Taiwan’s SWITHs who have always supported us from afar. We want to make a lot of happy memories with Taiwan’s SWITH, and we think this fan meeting will be an unforgettable time.” they said. Finally, STAYC finished the fan meeting in Taiwan, showing ‘ASAP’ as an encore song.

Meanwhile, STAYC has done various promotions in Japan with ‘POPPY’ and will meet fans with various plans by the end of the year.

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