STAYC is on the digital displays in Shibuya, Japan with their Japanese debut single ‘POPPY’!

2022 11 25

STAYC proved their strong presence in Japan.

The Japanese debut single ‘POPPY’, released on the 23rd by STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J), appeared on large digital displays in Shibuya and on the main electronic displays of Tower Records in Japan.

STAYC appeared on digital displays in Shibuya, the center of Japanese trends and a hot place. The ‘POPPY’ music video is currently being screened on the display, and STAYC is showing their unique charm with refreshing and kitschy visuals.

STAYC launched the official promotion in Japan with the release of the debut single ‘POPPY’ on the 23rd. Prior to the debut, they received a hot response by unveiling the performance of the title track ‘POPPY’ for the first time at the ‘STAYC Japan Debut Showcase ~ Star To A Young Culture ~’ held at Tokyo Dome City Hall on the 21st.

The title track ‘POPPY’ is a song that combines an addictive chorus that is easily memorized and a lovely atmosphere of STAYC. STAYC is drawing keen attention from global fans after its release with their strong singing ability which is suitable as ‘All members vocals’ and addictive point choreography.

Meanwhile, STAYC will hold various promotions in Japan with ‘POPPY’ and they will continue to be busy until the end of the year, including holding overseas fan meetings in Taipei, Taiwan, following Manila, the Philippines, on December 3.

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