Swirling ‘RUN2U’ STAYC, Musical growth + upgraded energy, ‘Rising expectations’

2022 02 21

STAYC will be returning with upgraded music.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) released their second mini-album ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’ on online music sites at 6 p.m. on February 21.

‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’ is a new album released in five months by STAYC, which have established themselves as a ‘4th generation representative of K-POP group’ with a series of hits, including their debut song ‘SOBAD’, last year’s ‘ASAP’ and ‘STEREOTYPE’.

The title track ‘RUN2U’ is a song that expresses STAYC’s feelings of running toward the lover without fear of love no matter what others say, and will show a high-quality performance with reckless and confident appearance of falling in love.

STAYC showed a more mature visual with three different mood concept photos, opened a new website, and released some audio sources of the title track, drawing enthusiastic attentions from global fans about their musical growth.

In addition, there are a total of six colorful genres, including ‘SAME SAME’, ‘247’, ‘YOUNG LUV’, ‘BUTTERFLY’ and ‘I WANT U BABY’. Black Eyed Pilseung, the representative producer of High-Up Entertainment, new writers, including hitmaker Jeon Gun, BXN, and new producers FLYT and will.b, participated in the album and made high-quality.

STAYC, which have proven their wide musical spectrum and ability to pull off various concepts, will show once again a new influence as a leading representative of 4th-generation K-POP idols. Expectations are focused on STAYC’s movement to continue their four consecutive hits following ‘SO BAD’, ‘ASAP’ and ‘STEREOTYPE’.

STAYC’s second mini-album ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’, which will show their unrivaled presence with their powerful and reckless unique charms, will be released at 6 p.m. on the February 21.

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